April’s Pink Parcel


So its that time of the month and its time for my Pink Parcel to arrive yayayaya 😆 excited, though what women is ever excited about there time of the month……..well this women certainly is because I have possible found the best period box in the world and that is


Yes thats right pink parcel.
They send you everything for pantie liners to pads or tampons plus more pads for bedtime pluuusss spare pads or tampons plus something for down there to keep you all fresh and such PLUUUSSSSSSS treats for you to get you through such an awful time. All this for £9.95 plus free p&p for your first box then £12 plus free p&p there after. You can’t go wrong I think, so let’s get deep down into April’s Pink Parcel shall we?


It comes in a beautiful pink parcel which can fit in about 90% of UK letter boxes mine is not one 😨
But loookkkk at all the pretty stuff we have…..(once I pick it up from the post office)

Teapig Chamomile flowers tea I love chamomile tea and I love teapig tea so this is a good choice of tea for me
Price £1.30 for two

Mallow & Marsh Bar I love these bars it’s marshmallow heaven and the best thing is that it is low in fat and gluten free. I got the vanilla bar and its only 100 calories.
Price £18 for a case of 12

Nairn’s Rough Oatcakes now I have tried there many many many moons ago and i thought they were OK. These are full of fibre and complex carbs for energy and we all know we need energy when it’s the time of the month.
Price £1.29 for 291g

New CID Cosmetics this is a brand new makeup brand and I looovvveee new makeup brands. I got the iSmoulder eye-shadow pencil in blue. This month you could of got the iPout lipstick, iFix eyesbrow pencil or what I got.
Price £14-18.50

Boozi body care hand cream omgggggggg this is to die for. 1) I love cream and I can never have enough cream 2) this smell like French martinis yummmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
Price £3.95

NPW Pomegranate & Paw Paw Face Mask I love me a face mask so was really happy when I got this. Its packed with pomegranate & paw paw that both help relax your face and give you radiant looking skin.
Price £1.85

True Brit London Nail Polish I loooovvveeeeeee a good nail polish and when I saw this one and the shade I was in heaven. Pink parcel have worked hard on this making sure its the right pastel shade of pink and it doesn’t disappoint. The best thing is we are getting another exclusive one next month too.

I have to say I am totally in love with this months box, who am I kidding I love every pink parcel box and such a good price too. You get plenty on sanitary products for the month, as well as treats oh and you get some for down there, its Sass
Purifying Cleanser. I can’t stop raving about Sass they make intimate products that let you feel clean down there when you need it most.

Also this month we learned that the ‘tampon tax’ is no more woooo, to celebrate this Pink Parcel have given us a smiley face chocolate yummmy.

Have you tried any of these products before?
Do you get pink parcel?



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