June PinkParcel


So its Pink Parcel time of the month, and one of my fav times of the month because this box has everything you need to keep you covered for the full month, sweet treats, girly treats, all your tampon/sanitary pad needs 🙂


Sweet Jesus look at the new updated box
So if you haven’t read my other posts about pink parcel look here May Pink Parcel or even here January Pink Parcel

So you can see a difference which is the box “for down there” has gone and has instead been replaced by a bigger “for you” box 🙂

Look how big the “for you” box has got


Core blimey 😍😍😍😍😍😍 shall we see all the goodies they have packed in there…..


The Tea Shed Emergency Tea
This tea is going to stay in my bag and be what it says on the front ’emergency tea’ for those early mornings into work when I need a decent brew.
I really love the design on these to.
£1.99 for 30

Joe & Seph’s salted caramel popcorn
Oh lord I love this popcorn and my lord I am really happy this is a good size to so I don’t go over the top eating this hahaha.
£4.00 for 90g

ModelCo PowerLash Mascara
Now I do love a good mascara like the next girl but I don’t know how I feel about this one. I tried it once this week and it didn’t do anything for my lashes but I will carry on using it and trying it.
£24.00 (I know right 😱 my face was in shock I had to search the web to make sure pink got the price right hahahaha)

Imperial Candles Scent Melt
I love love love wax melts this is grapefruit and mango and omg its totally gorgeous.
Candle melts last for ages because wants it melts and becomes liquid and as it cools it turns solid, brilliant
£1.99 each

Bubble T Lip Balm
Ohhhhhhhh I’ve never heard of this brand but boy I am in love. Its shaped like a macaroon and is one of the cutest lip balms I have ever seen.
I got lemongrass and green tea flavour, tasty
£10.00 for 5

NPW Halo Nail Stickers & Gems
Hmmmmmm I am not a fan of nail stickers they make me feel like a child
Not a bad price mind
£1.50 per pack

Ooharr Face Mask
I love this brand of face mask because there packed with natural ingredients. I got the Rosie Glow deep cleansing face mask.
£1.50 each

Amie Matt Finish Moisturiser & Purifying Facial Wash
I have got these before and I love having them in my bag for those moments I stay over somewhere gotta keep my face care routine up
£1.00 each

I love these bands for so many reasons,
1) funky design
2) don’t break your hair
3) can be worn as a fashion accessory #winning hahahaha
4) they stretch over my ‘fro
5) they don’t break easily
£5.95 for a big bundle of bands

I love this box this month, yeah there is a couple of products that are like hell no, but over all I love this box.

Interested in this box you should be
First box £6.99
Then £10.50 there after so really for all that you get its worth it in my eyes.

Do you sub to this box?
Have you tried any of these products before?



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