July Pink Parcel

Hey lovelies,

Today I am going to be showing you what is in this months Pink Parcel. This is becoming one of my fav box’s a month as its full of amazing goodies every month as well as all your time of the month needs.

So that’s what the inside of the main box looks like, 4 compartments

1. For later

2. For night

3. For now

4. For you

So you are covered on the period front with either a choice of tampons or pads.

Shall we have a cheeky look at what’s in the below box….

Ok let’s do it shall we…..ohhhhh

So every month you are sent a tea and this moth it is LA Via Del Te Tisana sweet. This tea is from Harrods so very posh, it has a herbal blend to help you relax, chill and unwind.

Price £34.95 for a box of 27

Shop harrords.com

Bahlsen Choco Leibniz Biscuits I have so much love for these biscuits I’m not going to lie I ate these really fast. One side milk chocolate other side biscuits yummmmmmmyyyyyyyy.

Price £1.49 for 129G

Shop waitrose.com

The Vintage Cosmetics Company Rose Gold Slanted Tweezers now I love anything Vintage Cosmetic Company and these tweezers are just the cutest thing going I mean they are rose gold and so pretty and will go perfectly with my rose gold eye lash curlers that I have. I am so happy that Pink Parcel partnered with them for this months goodie.

Price £8.00

Shop thevintagecosmeticompany.com

Lottie London Nail Polish I have not tried there nail polish before but I do love there brushes, these guys have worked with pink parcel before with some amazing makeup brushes, so I cant see why there nail polish would be anything less then amazing. I love the hot pink colour that I was given it is totally a summer colour.

Price £5.99

Shop superdrugs.com

Bellapierre Gel Eyeline, I love bellapierre eyeshadows so much so why wouldn’t I love there gel eyeliner right>> well I do rather like it in fact though at first I didn’t get what was gel about it but there I saw it was made with 100% pure minerals and natural waxes and antioxidants. I have not use a gel eyeliner in ages so it took some practise but I like it glides on and is really smooth and in this heat we have been having it hasn’t melted off

Price £11.20

Shop bellapierre.com

Jelly Pong Pong Supercharged Eyeshadow, I think I am in love this is just the cutest thing EVER. I have so many ideas about how I may mix the colours together but just look below at how pretty and super pigmented they are. the rose gold colour is just to die for on your lids and the black would look amazing in your crease and to smoke the whole lot out.


Price £17.95

Shop jellypongpong.com

Frreeman Beauty Foot Lotion this is rather cute it is to get your feet flip flop ready and we all have see those awful feet (mine being one which I why I don’t wear flip flops) that don’t look well looked after in flip flops. I got lavender and mint with tea tree oil to help sooth my feet. Well it looks like my other half has a job on his hand hahahaha (I hate touching feet and the only person who I ever let touch them is my other half odd I know)

Price £1.50

Shop Freeman beauty.co.uk

lastly but not really the last thing because this is amazing is Patisserie De Bain Hand Cream, this cream takes me back to my childhood and my love for Lemon Bonbons (that’s the one I got but there 6 different ones) it moistures your hands and the scent is not overly strong I am in love and is totally my new handbag hand cream

Price £3.99

Shop rose and company.com

Do you sub to pink parcel?

Have You tried any of these products? What do you think?



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