August Pink Parcel

Hey everyone,

The other day I received this beauty 

Yes that’s right I am excited to receive my pink parcel, every month and it’s because

  1. You get amazing goodies for you
  2. No need to go shopping for sanitary products as they all come in the box
  3. Its only £10.95 for loads of goodies to get you though the time of the month and plenty of tampons or pads for your period.

So you get 4 parts to the box

  1. For you
  2. For night
  3. For now (which is a cute pouch to carry them around in)
  4. For later 

So your stocked up for the month.

The for you box is always amazing, let’s dive into this months box shall we

So look at all these goodies I am in heaven,

Tea Pig Matcha Green Tea, so I’m new to the whole matcha green tea and OMG I am in love. So I am really excited to of received some this month.

Price £11.90 for 14 servings.


Jealous Sweets, ohhhhh these are amazing we got these in a pervious box and they are super yummmyyy. They are vegetarian, gluten free and full of natural fruit juice

Price £2.50 for 50G


Sunkissed Shimmer Dust Brush, this is very cute. Its perfect for on the go, click and sweep for a shimmery glow. 

Price £4.99


So Susan Haute Light Pencil, I love so Susan and I love this highlighting pencil I use it on my brow bones and it is so easy to blend out.

Price £14.95


Cougar Beauty 24hr liquid lipstick,

I love this shade on me very nude and I’m all about nude shades atm, they say liquid lipstick but its more a gloss really. I will really see if it lasts for 24hrs (highly doubt it but I’m willing to give it ago)

Price £15.00


Sass intimate perfect skin concentrate, I learned about sass through pink parcel before they did a re-brand. I loved sass made me feel even better down there. So I am really happy to have a sample it will be great to take on holiday.

Price £12.00 for 100ml


Emily Fruit Crisps, crunchy apple, healthy crunch sweet fruit can’t go wrong in my books. Love the packaging.

Price £1.49


Estella Bartlett Bracelet, this is really cool. There is 3 designs in this months parcels so which did you get?

Price £12.99


I love this months box, to be fair it never let’s me down. Check out last months box July Pink Parcel

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Have you tried any of these brands before?



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