June’ Pink Parcel

Hey loves (alittle late but here it is hahahaha)

Today I’m going to share with you my thoughts on June’s pink parcel.

I still think for £10.99 a month you can’t go wrong.

You can plenty of either towels or tampons for the month, as well as towels for the night time and lots of goodies for the months.

This month’s for you box is exploding out of the box haha

So what do we have then,

So what do we have then,

 The London Tea Company 

Purple Tea

I love the London tea company and I love this tea made with ice it is really refreshing and yummy

£3 for 20 bags

Rawcha Organic Matcha Bar 

Cacao & Goji

The chocolate in pink parcel lately has been a real let down and this is another one I deffo want keen on after one tiny bite

£7.49 for 4 30g bars 

Figs & Rouge 

3 in 1 Hero Cream.

Well this is full size 80ml loved the tin but not so much the cream as I love thick creams but this is perfect to put in my bag for a quick hand cream. 

£18 for 80ml 

Balance Me 

Skin face wash

Well i love this face wash it is one of my favs it is so gentle and 98.i% natural which I love. 

£16 for 125ml

Spa to you

Konjac Sponge 

I love these sponges  (I’ve had a couple) and I use them when cleansing my face (just makes my life so much more easier) they are made from 100% natural vegetable fibres too.



Siligel Blender 

Well finally I’ve got one of these bad boys that everyone has been going on about and I don’t like it hahaha. Like I need a brush or a beauty sponge not a silicon blender for my foundation. I really couldn’t get the hang of it, I do get there more hygienic but I wash my brushes on thw regular so yh pass for me.


 Benecos Lip Liner 


These lip liners are organic, natural and cruelty free winning. I have recently gotten into lip liners (shock horror) so this is a nice colour to add to my collection. 



Deep conditioning hair pack.

I’ve never used a hair pack before so I had to do a bit of research on this one and found i couldn’t use it on my hair (boo…but you can’t win them all) I have used and I have got Anatomicals face masks and scrubs which I love


Overall I liked June’s box just a couple of items I’m sat on the fence about. For £10.99 including all your period needs I deffo think this is worth the money.




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