Little Known Box June


So im finally round to showing you what was in last months Little Known Box woo.

The box make me happy how sad right hahaha. Because i know its gonna be packed full of goodies hehe 

Ohhh it all looks so pretty lets dive in 

Manna Kadae Cosmetics

Tri-Fecta Shadow 

When it comes to make  i love things that have more then 1 use. This shadow is one of those things i love. It can be used as 

  • Eyeshadow
  • Bronzee
  • Eyebrow powerd
  • Blush (on a darker skin tone)

I love it.

Price £14.95

Full size 

Balm balm

Lip balm

I do love lip balm and balm balm’s are super  nourishing. Also you can dab a bit on to your fingers and place a little bit behind your ears….say wwhhaatttt perfume on the go winning.

Price £5.50

Full size 

Samol Herbal 

Hair and Scalp Oil

This time of year i love lightweight hair oils that make my hair look and feel glossy. Samol Herbal hair and scalp oil is suitable for all hair types which i love. Cant wait to give this a try 

Price £7.19 for 10ml £24 for 50ml

Travel size 10ml


Exfoliating Polish

I love the Amie range and this polish omg, i was lucky enoufh to be sent a full size of this from Amie themselves and i love it no ends. Its a gentle scrub but you can feel it working its perfect for sensative skin. The undertone of orange blossom just smells .

Price £5.95 for 100ml

Size 25ml



This is another product i love i have used the cleanser before i got it in my Latest In Beauty picks. I feel in love with the brand then and wanted to try other stuff from them so im super excited about this tonic. I love using this tonic i use it as a toner in the morning and my face feels so fresh. I cant stop using it.

Price £5 to £6.50

Size 25ml

Native Unearted 

Natural Deodorant 

Ive heard of the brand before and im all for natural ingredients but im worried about this one….hmmnn im picky with deodorant but i will give it a try. Its perfect for putting in my bag and when i want to feel that little bit fresher. 

Price £6.99 for 60ml 

Size 30ml

I loved this whole box what did you love? Till next month.



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