July Dollibox


So thia is my second Dollibox and i forgot to do a review last month but i was like Natalie you have to do a review this month and share it with you beautiful lot

Maxi Black Liquid Eyeliner

ive been using this now since I got it and I love it. It is really easy and light to use, and the tip is really thin. 

Full Size


Buff Body Oil

I love body oil I’m not gonna lie. I love getting out of the bath or shower in the morning or evening (more the evening) and smoother my whole body in oil. It is a light oil but leaves my body feels moisturised.

Travel Size

15ml £4

Seacret Dead Sea Bath Salt 

I love bath salt and I love Seacret sea salt, really helps relaxes my myself and realaxs me.

full size (apparently)


Cats Winks BB Cream

This is months theme is koren inspired if you didn’t guess lol, and Cats Winks BB is made for those from Korea I feel as all three shades available are made for the paler skinned person, I love the packaging though.

Full Size


BioAqua Hydrating Seaweed & Hyaluronic Acid Moiaturizing Facial Mask 

well Korea is known for its skincare and its face masks so I am not surprised at all to of got one in the box. I have not tried this brand before and I cant wait. I love anything with seaweed and hyaluronic acid on my face. as seaweed helps keep my face hydrated and hyaluronic acid helps reduce blemishes off the face.

full size


Silicone Sponge

ohhh how cute is the silicone sponge with unicorns on it…..I still cant use a silicone sponge but I’m gonna bloody enjoy getting this in as many flatlays as humanly possibly hahahaha because it is THAT cute.


this months box is really cute if you are on the lighter skinned side, I do really love the face mask and the eyeliner. I am going to give this box another go for next month 🙂

if you want to learn more about them click here

till next month



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