Little Known Box Summer Edit July 2017

Hi Loves,

So its a new week and I am bringing you a review of  July’s Little Known Box.

Now if you don’t know about Little Known Box you really need to know,  they are a monthly subscription box that sends you 5 cruelty free treats a month. I love it there is so many brands out there I didn’t know about and I find them through my subscription box’s I get. I have been with Little Known Box since there 1st box which was alittle over a year ago you can read it Here and it gets better each month. Anyways enough about my banging on about how much I love the company lets talk about the most important thing July’s box contents 🙂

So as always it comes in a plain black box, which I love because I can reuse the boxes which I love to do (as I have a lot of boxes and they can make perfect storage or to put presents)


Right so in the box we have


Youth Preservation Moisturiser

Travel Size

I love Merumaya at the best of times, they do an amazing cleansing balm that basically melts your makeup up while leaving your skin moisturised.

So I am always excited of trying new products of theres, and this month is is the preservation moisturiser. It targets fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes & acne. It helps lock in moisture to your face which is a must.

Price £14.60


Pink Lip Liner

Full Size

I have a growing selection of lip liners (I think there important when applying lipstick of any sort) and this Brand Odulique is based right here in the UK which I love, the pencil its self is so soft and almost buttery feeling.

Price £12.50

Cougar Beauty 

24 hour Liquid Lipstick

Full Size

I have used this brand before for the lip plumping lipgloss and it was ok, but I always like to give brands a second chance and this is Cougar’s Beauty Second Chance. I got shade cocoa it smells like vanilla ive found that a lot of liquid lipsticks smell of vanilla now a days. which I don’t mind at all. I am going to try it out this week and I will let you know how I get on, so keep an eye out on my Instagram for update

Price £6.99


Towel Off Shampoo Foam

Travel Size

Now I have used this brand before it I found I couldn’t use this in my hair. But I love the concept its like dry shampoo but not dry shampoo hahaha. its perfect for going camping or festivals or sports events. You don’t need water just add it to your hair and rub it in good and then with a towel dry it 🙂 simples.

Price £3.99

Merci Handy

Face mist

Again another product I have tried before and loved (its perfect for summer) it is a face mist for when it gets hot (lets face it the UK has been getting odd heatwaves) be it the weather or the tube or the gym. it cools you right down and I love it. It is perfect handbag size to just throw in there.

Price £4.50

Over all this months box was ok, I wasn’t completely blown out of the water with this months box, this is very rare for me with little Known Box. fingers crossed this months box will be better 🙂

check out Junes review Here
















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