Mask of Magnaminty

Hey loves

The face Mask i wanted to share with you all is the Lush Mask of Magnaminty.

I totally love this face mask. They have it either as a fresh mask aka preserved (you need to keep in the fridge) or this one which is a self preserving mask (don’t need to keep it in the fridge)

These mask are packed with peppermint oil to stimulate marigold oil and chlorophllin to treat your skin as well as evening primrose seeds and adult beans to help gently exfloiate your skin. It has Kaplan to nourish your skin and honey for it’s antibacterial properties.

I prefer the self preserving mask due to the extra honey it has in the formula which makes the face feel much thicker and doesn’t completely dry down like the persereved one does. That s how i like this mask but it’s totally up to the individual which they like more
Both mask cost the same at,

315g for £10.95

125g for £6.25

600g for £17.95

I have the 125g pot, they say you can get 5 face masks out of the pot but i can get 10 (depending on how often I used this mask) say 1 mask a week I can get 10.

Using this mask it helps clear my pours and put a stop to any break puts I may be having. When I first use it the peppermint scent is strong but I don’t mind it personally. My face feels very refreshed after using this mask.

The issue I have with this mask is the price but this is a good mask so well worth the money. Even better I think getting the self preserving one as it lasts a little bit longer.