Hey loves

so this is another Facemask Post (again!) i know i have been on a roll lately, anyway this is a facemask i have been wanting to share with you for soooooooooooooo long but i just never had the energy/time to do but now well now is the time to share with you my thoughts on this mask.

So Mudmasky is a clay face mask, that has not been tested on animals, it is paraben free and contains 100% natural ingredients. All the things you want from a clay mask.

I found this brand early last yr from a beauty box and feel in love with it and brought a big tube of it, a few months later it came in another beauty box and then at Christmas in Pink Parcels Party Bag it was in there and it was a full size bottle. Which is all i have left at the moment. If you haven’t got it already i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this mud mask.
The claims on the bottle are

  • pore refining
  • hydrates your face
  • anti aging properties
  • brightens your face
  • smooth’s your face

some very big claims so when i first got this i was a bit sceptical at first but after my first use i realised that it stands against those claims.

I use this face mask once a month (i do a face mask every week, so have to space out when i am doing what mask)

Anyways i am diverting here you came to hear my thought on this mask.

From my first use of this mask y skin looked brighter, the pores seemed less noticeable, the texture was much smoother, softer and it even helped in calming the couple of breakouts I had on my face at the time! Of course, the breakouts didn’t disappear completely, but the mask calmed down the redness and helped get rid of my breakouts quicker. winning!

Though this is a clay mask, it doesn’t dry out my skin like other clay masks have done. My face does feel slightly tighter after i have used this mask which i like to me it means the mask is working for me. Every time i use this mask i do have a slight tingling sensation but it is very mild and doesn’t last long at all.

  • Dry skin leave it on for 7min
  • Normal skin leave it on for 9 min
  • Oily skin leave it on for 11min

i have normal skin but leave it on for 11min at that time is has completely dried down, you know when it has dried down as it goes from the green colour to a grey colour.

Have you tried Mudmasky before?

You can check them out over on there website here