Nugg Face Mask Revitalizing 

Heyyy all

First face mask I thought I would review is this beauty from Nugg

I’ve never tried one of these before but I’ve seen them all the time when I have looked at beauty bay and I’ve really wanted to try them. 

Lucky enough this beauty came in one of my beauty box’s  (which is why I love beauty box’s try before you buy sort of thing)

Anyway they do a range of face mask pods I got the Revitalizing one. Which is packed with

  • Flaxseed
  • Peppermint oil

These help revitalise and plump full, tired looking skin.

With the weather being so cold my skin has been feeling and looking tired even with my skincare routine, we always  red a pick me up for a face I always say.

So when I opened it, it looked like this

White clear creamy mixture. It has a very strong peppermint smell  (which I don’t mind at all)

Looking at the pod I wasn’t sure if it was going to have enough to cover my face. As I have a huge face haha.

This is me with the mask on (with and without flash)

I didn’t mind it on didn’t feel heavy or anything. The only thing i felt was a sligt tingling feeling from the peppermint. It dried down to look like one of those peel off masks after 10 min.

After I took it off my face felt very fresh and back to life.

You can get them from beauty bay here click here this is 5 pods for £16.45

Or from Selfridges here click here this is 5 pods fot £16.50

Shop full Nugg range on Beauty Bay

I enjoyed this mask I will for sure be getting more 😁