Ooharr Fruity Magic

Hey loves

so today I am going to be giving you a review on the Ooharr Fruit Magic Rejuvenating Cream Mask.
I don’t have many cream masks in my collection (and that needs to change)

This is a 1 packet application with 15ml of product inside. Ooharr is made right here in the UK (in Bristol I have you know) I love when things are UK made brings the cost of shipping cheaper, and I love supporting home grown brands.

This face mask is suppose to give your skin an antioxidant boost thanks to the pomegranate packed inside. It also contains greek tea aloe and honey as well as vitamin A,C and E. it helps gives your face the detox that it so badly needs a time.

I really liked this mask and would get again. My face felt refreshed and very hydrated. Only downside is I found it really hard to open the packet without sissocurs but that could be because I’m odd haha